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Talamh Dry Body Brush


Dry Brushing is the simplest way to improve your energy and wellbeing and is essential for the removal of toxins by encouraging lymphatic drainage. Regular brushing improves skin health and texture, while exfoliating away dead skin cells leaving skin smooth and soft. Made from bamboo and cactus bristle.

Caution: Always perform an allergy patch test before use. Do not use on irritated, sunburnt or broken skin. Do not share your brush. Keep brush away from water. Store in a dry place.

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Dry Body Brushing: Dry body brushing is best carried out daily before a bath or shower. Begin by using the Dry Body Brush, brushing from the soles of your feet, the front and back of body, upwards in long strokes towards your heart. Circulate the brush in a clockwise motion on the abdomen and joints, use light pressure on areas where your skin is thinner and a firmer pressure on thicker skin such as the soles of the feet.