GROUND Wellbeing

The Journey into Perimenopause & Menopause Workshop


Sunday November 7th at 7pm Tickets on sale @ €20

There is so much about the journey towards menopause that we do not know about and we need to learn more in order to equip ourselves and our mental health. 

This is something I am committed to being open about and delving into in order that I gain the knowledge required and share it with our online GROUND Community. My mentor and leader in this case is Catherine O'Keeffe AKA @wellnesswarrior who is trailblazing a superb educational, warm and engaging space for women +40.

I am both thrilled and honoured Catherine will be joining me in our next Self Care Workshop to discuss how we can prepare and equip ourselves so that we are empowered and learn to thrive during this transition phase, rite of passage.