Self Love & A Soft Approach to New Years

Self Love & A Soft Approach to New Years

Instead of starting out this New Year with a list of ‘should-do's' and ‘must-do’s’ why not take a different, kinder and gentler approach? Instead of taking on the “out with the old, in with the new” attitude that can leave us feeling as though we must reinvent ourselves or restart our life. Why not embrace this opportunity to celebrate ourselves! This goes beyond our achievements or successes in life. This is not about the things that we do but rather who we are. While there is value in looking to the future with plans and resolutions at the forefront of our mind it is not the be-all and end-all. Whatever our approach to the New Year may be, can we learn to look back with compassion before taking a step forward with confidence?

A softer, compassionate approach is not about taking it easy on ourselves but rather about taking stock in a genuine and realistic way. It is about reflection and possibly even meditation on all that we have endured and dealt with in our life and how that may have impacted us as a result. It is about acknowledgement and appreciation for the people we are right now, in this moment not just in spite of but because of all that has happened in our lives.

"Going Forward to Basics" is a sentiment that our founder Peigín Crowley speaks about. Going forward to basics is about returning to the simple things in life with more information than we had the first time around. In terms of minding ourselves and our loved ones it is about simple and effective ways to mind and honour ourselves and each other. It is a reminder to trust our gut instinct and to listen to what our body is telling us. If we take this sentiment and reflect upon it this New Year perhaps it will remind us to reunite and return to who we are at our core. It may even encourage us to recognise that the traits of the person we were in the past is not something to be rid of or ashamed of, but rather something to be honoured and appreciated. That person had value. That person got us here.

Before deciding on what you want from 2023, take a moment to reflect on where you are starting from, take a moment to look back and acknowledge your strength for enduring, your resilience to stay going and your courage to get you to where you are now. All of which are undeniable. 

Berating ourselves for the things we did not achieve last year or for the things we deem as failures in our life do not serve us well. It does not lead us down a path towards wellness, self love and appreciation. It does not propel us forward in life. In fact it will generally leave us feeling disheartened and stuck. With this in mind, let’s try something new this year. Let’s attempt this softer approach together, as a community. Let’s embrace all that GROUND Wellbeing stands for and encourage ourselves and each other to ‘Tóg go bog é’. 

“If you feel inspired to use the new year to help you reset or change habits: great. And yet, the old you has survived every terrible day, every hard thing, every awful circumstance, and every heartbreak you’ve ever felt. The old you is a fighter, and that’s worth celebrating.” 

Emily McDowell
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