We are a self-care brand devoted to sustaining ourselves and our loved ones, it is natural that we are on a sincere journey to make this brand as sustainable as possible for our planet, for our children's children. Ground Wellbeing is committed to the following:


Low Impact Materials 
In terms of packaging, we have reduced plastic to an absolute minimum, living only in caps and droppers and seal on bath salts. There is no lamination or plastic in our printed collateral, our boxes and sleeves are made from a PEFC accredited board. PEFC, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, is a leading global alliance of national forest certification systems. As an international non-profit, non-governmental organization it is dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management through independent third-party certification.

We fill our gift boxes with shredded cardboard reusing packaging sent to us.
Our communications collateral is printed on sustainably sourced paper using plant-based inks, produced with green energy.

Our rituals cards are produced on biodegradable board using glue made from vegetable starch.


Considered Ingredients 
We avoid all harmful chemicals and toxins in the products we sell and promote natural and organic living to safeguard our health, our planet, and our children’s future.

Our collection of balms and oils are 100% natural with an average of 50% of the ingredients being organic, these are soil certified by my suppliers.

Ground Wellbeing takes pride in the quality, ethics and environmental qualities of our aromatherapy oils. We aim to source as much as possible close to home to ensure organic quality, and lower the carbon footprint of our production. 


Low Impact Production 
High environmental standards have been upheld during manufacture. GROUND is committed to recycling whenever possible, actively minimising the waste we produce and the resources we use to run our business. 


Animal Welfare 
Ground Wellbeing is 100% Cruelty Free. There is absolutely no animal testing through full supply chain. 


All ingredients are 100% vegan with full supplier traceability. 


Community & Ethics 
Local Business Support; GROUND is beyond proud that 100% of its packaging, design, and print, has been sourced and produced in Ireland. Carbon footprint is always considered and kept to an absolute minimum. 


Sustainable Lifestyles - Retail Refills 
Ever evolving, we are currently looking at developing further refill initiatives in re-usable packaging to reduce waste. Currently we are offering Bath Salt & Pillow Spray Refills - encouraging a saving of 30%.

We re-use raw material packaging to supply our Spas with professional use massage oil so they in turn refill onsite.

Our commitment lives within the full 360 degree journey with a serious focus on shipping with zero plastic – we re-use cardboard fill and newspaper wrap, complete with plastic free recyclable tape. 


Transport – All B2B Deliveries 100% Electric 
We have partnered with BMW, which is fully electric.

Respecting our planet is a priority - and these cars are designed with our environment in mind. The use of exclusively renewable energy sources during production and the use of natural materials and recyclates within the interior, makes the iX BMW’s a sustainable choice.

From the naturally olive leaf-tanned Castanea leather to the 100% Econyl floor mats, (ocean plastic) every detail within the entire lifecycle is not only considered but instrumental in building these cars.