Purpose driven to address common issues that impact physical and emotional wellbeing, GROUND offers advanced training in massage to understand and harness the power of touch in relation to sleep, stress, compromised health and support in times of transition including menopause and pregnancy.


To bring balance to the body by stimulating and supporting the vagus nerve, and transitioning the system into a deep rest and digest state. GROUND Wellbeing offers purposeful spa rituals that promote healing, relaxation, and a deeper mind-body connection.


Our passion is to deliver carefully developed massage rituals to bring relief from; Insomnia, Anxiety, Burnout, Menopausal Symptoms or Digestive Issues. Each spa treatment has been skilfully formulated to support the body's functions naturally, reflecting our commitment to sincere and inclusive wellness, we are so proud of our recent addition of The Barróg Rituals for those going through Cancer treatment.


We are deeply committed to the power of touch. Our flowing, mindful treatments also feature breathwork, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy and Gua Sha. With all GROUND treatments, it is not just about locally tending to aches and pains in the muscles, though they will also do that, but rather the focus is on soothing the nervous system and the body as a whole to provide a more long term and positive impact on mind and body.