The Story of Barróg

The Story of Barróg

Since the birth of GROUND Wellbeing over two years ago we have been speaking about a foundational, core belief that we hold, a belief that is close to our hearts, a belief in the importance of inclusive wellness. We began with children’s calm balms and finding ways to show our children how to self soothe and listen to their body using aromatherapy, breathwork and the power of touch. With each evolution of GROUND, this purpose & intention remains true. We believe to thrive we need to build a culture that encourages ourselves and others to tóg go bog é - ‘take it softly’. With this in mind, we continue to ask, how can we bring the mind and body together to provide support & comfort in times of challenge or turbulence?

Our journey into the development of our Barróg range of rituals and products was a slow and steady one. That journey began with Christine Clinton, founder and CEO of Christine Clinton Cancer Care, an education company specialising in teaching therapists how to safely and effectively work with guests living with cancer in a Spa Setting. Christine is also a founding member of SATCC (Standards Authority for Touch In Cancer Care) and a graduate of Leading Cancer Center Memorial Sloan Kettering In NYC. Christine brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her everywhere she goes and at GROUND we feel incredibly grateful for this deeply personal and truly special collaboration. 

Our initial focus was on inclusive and effective spa therapy massage. As a therapist-led brand, we had seen first hand the numbers of people being turned away from and refused hands on massage therapy treatments in a spa setting as a result of mentioning that they had or were going through cancer treatment. For the longest time, misinformation, insufficient training resources and fear prevented the vast majority of spa therapists from ever feeling comfortable working on clients with a history of cancer. As therapists themselves, our Founder Peigín Crowley and our Head of Spa Treatment Training & Design Rachel O’ Malley have long wanted to change this and to truly bring inclusive wellness a step further. In recent years, the research and education coming from industry leaders such as Christine tells us that with the right training, not only is it possible to provide hands on therapy to cancer patients but it is also hugely beneficial for emotional and mental wellbeing. 

It was after this eye opening training with Christine that the decision was made to formulate products to support the treatment with a retail line and a much requested gifting line. Inspired by the SATCC, each ingredient was thoroughly researched and carefully considered to be suitable for even the most compromised and sensitive skin. As a part of our research, we looked at the pain points of those going through treatment. Cancer treatment side effects can include skin dryness and itchiness⁠, rashes⁠, painful hands and feet⁠, radiation burns ⁠and changes in finger & toe nails⁠. This led us to discover that although these symptoms are so common, modern skincare can often heighten these symptoms rather than easing them; due to the myriad of irritants found in the average skincare product on the market. ⁠From speaking to patients undergoing treatment first hand; making sure their skincare and well being needs were met was an integral part of the product development. We are so proud of the work and research that has gone into this beautifully gentle collection. ⁠The gentle nature of the BARRÓG Collection is what makes it so different. We can proudly say it is paraben free, cruelty free, vegan and phthalate free. Instead, our collection is filled with powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, antibacterial and antimicrobial ingredients. ⁠

As our Flagship Spa, Hayfield Manor worked with us closely throughout the development of our Barróg Massage Offering. ⁠Christine delivered intensive training to the Ground & Hayfield Manor Spa Team, generously sharing her learnings from her decades-long career in this speciality field and our Barróg Ritual Collection launched in Hayfield Manor in 2022. ⁠GROUND Founder Peigín talks about this time noting the profound significance of it to her on a personal level. “It’s been an emotional experience, possibly the work I am most proud of. A labour of love, it’s been deeply humbling”.


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