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Comfort | Cúram

This collection gently restores the body and mind, through products and rituals focused on touch, support, and the strengthening of familiar bonds.

Blended to ease transition through life phases, from expectant mothers to menopause. The collection also includes formulas gentle enough to use on newborns and growing children.

Comfort focuses on bringing out our innate ability to self-soothe and heal, and to encourage the ones we love to do the same.

Supporting the ability to 'self soothe,' our rescue balms help ease stress and anxiety in school-aged children. ⁠100% natural, this gentle formula is perfect for fractured moments, times of unrest or irritated skin. ⁠⠀


Family Calm Balm Gift


Ask your child to focus on their breathing. Concentrate on where the breath changes from an exhale to an inhale. Focus on this for a few minutes. Tell them that they are taking space from what is upsetting them so that it can get smaller.

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