Mother's Day: A Celebration of Self-Care and Wellness

Mother's Day: A Celebration of Self-Care and Wellness

Our mothers play an integral role in our lives. Often they are the person we confide in, the one we turn to when we are seeking solace, the person whose opinion we value most, the person who will love us unconditionally no matter what we go to them with. With these selfless and giving traits, it is a common occurrence to see that mothers often prioritise their family's needs above their own and in doing so, neglect their own self-care. At GROUND, we want to remind all the mother figures in our life that taking care of themselves is just as important as taking care of their family. 

On this special day of honouring and appreciating our mothers, let us encourage them to prioritise their own well-being. So, while we express our gratitude and love for our mothers, let's also remind them to take care of themselves. We can do this by showing them the impact they have had on our lives and how much they mean to us. We can also demonstrate that they deserve to be cared for as much as they care for others. So, as we celebrate this special day, let's encourage our mothers to show themselves the same love and compassion they give to their families. 

That being said, Mother's Day can be an emotionally charged one. While this day can be filled with joy and love, it can also bring up complex emotions for some. Perhaps your relationship with your mother is strained, or you have experienced a loss that makes the day difficult to navigate. If you find yourself struggling on Mother's Day, know that it is okay to take some time for yourself. This may mean stepping away from social media, taking a break from activities that trigger difficult emotions, or seeking support from a trusted friend or professional. In addition, consider incorporating self-care practices into your day. This can include setting boundaries and saying no, taking time to relax in nature, and practising self-compassion. Remember that self-care is not selfish but rather a self-full way to express love and respect for yourself.

While there can be the unspoken pressures of having the “instagrammable” Mothers Day celebration, if we can shift our focus to being mindful & present and finding joy in the simple things it can transform the day for everyone involved. At GROUND, we believe that self-care is essential for a healthy and fulfilling life. It is crucial to our well-being, and it can help us manage stress and improve our mental and physical health. Self-care can be as simple as taking a few moments to breathe deeply or going for a walk. It can also involve seeking support from loved ones or professionals, such as therapy or counselling. It is crucial that our own self care lives at the top of our to do lists on a daily basis. 

It is easy to acknowledge and appreciate our mothers on a day that is all about just that, but ultimately it is essential for the health and well being of our relationships and the people in them that we find ways to show appreciation and care all year long. So when we think about Mothers Day this year and the possible gifting options, let us first consider this “Is there one thing that I can take from her to do list that would help her own wellbeing move closer to the top of that list.” That is the epitome of saying it with wellness.

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