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Our deep sleep products and rituals create a space just for you, wherever you may be, that feels safe and secure in order to end the day and restore the mind and body.

Restful and deep sleep can reduce blood pressure, relax muscles, release tension, reduce stress, and lower your risk of serious health problems.   

Sleep Collection

Our sleep products and rituals to enable you to create better sleep routines and boost your wellbeing.

Give the gift of rest

Complete with a natural aromatherapy remedy ritual to wrap yourself up in. This set includes Codladh Body Oil; which nurtures both body and mind with the therapeutic scent of Lavender, and Codladh Face Balm; rich in Moringa oil that helps to calm, restore and renew sensitive or irritated skin before morning. ⁠⠀

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Sleep Sound Gift


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In Ireland we say 'mind yourself'. But how can we make a habit of minding ourselves, especially in these stressful times?

Learn how to build self care rituals into your everyday with GROUND founder, Peigín Crowley and wellness advocate, Simone Gannon.

This 45 minute online workshop will help you understand the cornerstones to mental and physical health - learning how they are both connected; from sleep to gut health and how our body has the ability to self heal and re-align when you do small things everyday.

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‘The best bridge between hope and despair is a good night's sleep.'

- E. Joseph Cossman

Notes on sleep

From ritual guides to top tips, we have everything covered.

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