Scalp Care for Compromised Skin

Scalp Care for Compromised Skin

Following on from our recent GROUNDWORK Blog featuring The Recovery Hair Oil allow us to introduce GROUND's Calm Scalp Relief Oil; an important member of our Barróg family. Inspired by the Irish language, Barróg means to “hug” or “embrace” and that is exactly what this family of products and rituals are all about; minding those we love! Using ingredients that are deemed suitable and effective by the SATCC (Standards Authority for Touch in Cancer Care) the Barróg family is a collection of heartfelt products carefully created for those going through Cancer. Developed to not only bring comfort and specific relief to compromised skin, but to also support wellbeing, encouraging calm and rest at a time where self care is needed most. 

The Calm Scalp Oil is a 100% natural treatment oil that is perfect for individuals who are seeking to regrow their hair, particularly suitable for those post treatment for cancer that may have caused hair loss, damage or thinning. As this oil contains a powerful blend of ingredients that work together to soothe and nourish dry, flaky skin on the scalp it is important to note that this will not be suitable for use until active treatment has been completed. The purpose of this oil is to nourish, support and repair the skin and hair that has been compromised as a result of active treatment. Ensure to wait 24-48 hours after completing the final round of treatment before using this product.


While coconut and avocado oil work to moisturise and protect the skin of the scalp, there are four key ingredients in this oil that help to support and soothe the scalp. These ingredients are known for their calming properties and ability to nourish the skin. 


Renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, Rosemary is also known to promote & improve circulation while also working to calm the mind and nervous system. In fact, studies have indicated that simply breathing in the aroma of rosemary essential oil can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.


Believed to possess anti-inflammatory properties, arnica can assist with helping to reduce skin inflammation and soothe irritation. Known for its health-promoting powers, arnica has been used for centuries to assist the natural healing process of the skin. 


Noted for its ability to strengthen skin, frankincense was an important choice for this scalp oil. In fact, according to studies, frankincense may reduce redness and skin sensitivity. Frankincense is also known to promote a sense of calm while comforting an anxious or worried mind, promoting a more restful night sleep while doing so. 


A red algae that is critical for reducing oxidative stress in the skin, Astaxanthin is also 500 times more powerful than vitamin C & E when it comes to soothing redness & itching. 


Above all else, remember that less is more with this potent treatment oil; 3 - 4 drops will go a long way. To use this product, we recommend the following calming ritual to improve overall well being as well as that of your scalp:

  • Take 3-4 drops of the oil into your palms and rub together

  • Bring your hands to hover over the face as you inhale deeply through the nose for a few moments

  • Apply the oil to the scalp using fingertips and palm of hands, paying particular attention to the temples, the crown of the head and the base of the skull

  • Massage this nourishing treatment into your scalp in slow & gentle, circular motions

  • Oil can be gently combed through the hair  with fingertips or a brush

  • Best performed in the evening to allow the potent ingredients time to work on the scalp 

Sometimes we need a helping hand when caring for ourselves or our loved ones and in that case an experience of The Barróg Calming Ritual by GROUND at one of our Spa Partner properties may be just the remedy. Carefully created for those living with or beyond cancer, this ritual consists of the deeply relaxing Barróg full body massage plus a calming scalp ritual. 

All of our products here at GROUND have been created with purpose, intention & heart. We hope that incorporating this potent treatment oil into any self care routine will benefit not just the health of the scalp but the wellbeing of mind and body too.

Always patch test before use and allow 24 hours.

During active treatment there may be heightened sensitivity to aromatherapy products, in which case switch over to the unscented NOURISH SUPER SEED Face & Body Oil.

Do not use these aromatherapy products on broken skin, upon healing, use NOURISH SUPER SEED Face & Body Oil to encourage skin recovery.

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