The Power of Immersion

The Power of Immersion

An age-old time-slowing ritual, a warm bath is something never to be underestimated.

Weekly baths of up to 15 minutes have been proven to offer great physical and mental benefits, not only for the body – but the mind, too.

When aided by essential oils or therapeutic bath salts, a warm bath can soothe tight and sore joints, provide relief from nasal congestion, boost circulation, and reduce blood pressure and inflammation, among many other benefits. Warm baths have also been linked to positive mood shifts, thanks to a decrease in stress hormones while bathing, which promotes more balanced serotonin levels.

Bathing can induce feelings of comfort and calm, helping to promote physical and mental relaxation and giving your mind a rest, however brief, from everyday stressors. As a result, a warm bath at night-time can also significantly improve your sleep quality, preparing your body and mind to welcome sleep in.

At GROUND, we believe in taking bath time up a notch wherever possible. Create a meditative environment to enjoy your bath and give yourself the gift of a quiet space. Light your favourite candle, choose a much-loved book, pour yourself a glass of wine, listen to relaxing music, or simply enjoy the silence and concentrate on breathing deeply. Whatever approach works best for you, do that. 

We’ll be announcing details of GROUND Bath Club in the coming weeks. A unique monthly subscription club to help you get the most out of your time in the tub.

In the meantime, browse our range of Bath Salts here.

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