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The Codail Go Samh Gift Box

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The Codail Go Sámh Gift Box

Part of our Barróg Collection, Codail go Sámh is designed to aid sleep for those with anxious minds or compromised skin. Our products are thoughtfully formulated to help to bring comfort and relief to compromised skin in a safe and natural way. This Gift box contains our Rest Skin Relief Face & Body Oil 30ml and Calm Scalp Relief Oil 30ml Oil 30ml.

Rest Face & Body Oil 30ml

100% natural, this infusion of therapeutic grade essential oils includes Mandarin and Frankincense, blended together with Red Algae, Rosehip and Jojoba to help support relieve compromised skin while Calendula and Roman Chamomile supports the natural ability to soothe and heal, helping to reduce anxiety and calm the mind.  

Calm Scalp Relief Oil 30ml
100% natural, this treatment oil is ideal for those who have lost their hair and are encouraging back the regrowth. 

Rosemary, Arnica and Frankincense help soothe and support by nourishing dry flaky skin. Coconut and Avocado oil infused with Red Algae help to moisturise and protect the skin of the scalp. 

Grounding Ritual: Massage 3-4 drops into palms, inhale deeply. Massage this nourishing treatment into the scalp at night. Consistent use helps to support and soothe dry and compromised skin.

*Always patch test before use and allow 24 hours
* During active treatment there may be a heightened sensitivity to aromatherapy products, in which case switch over to the unscented NOURISH SUPER SEED Face & Body Oil.
*Do not use these aromatherapy products on broken skin, upon healing, use NOURISH SUPER SEED Face & Body Oil to encourage skin recovery.